Do you want to see the best accounts for Instagram Stories?

If you are ready to ramp up your Instagram feed and accelerate your followers, why not learn from the best of the best?

We have observed some of the most impressive IG pages that will guide you to long-term social marketing success. Not to mention, you can gain some great stories ideas from the best influencer accounts. 

We made it easy for you by finding the top accounts, so you too can feel inspired and hit those million follower marks.


1. @boohoo : 3 million followers

Boohoo is well aware of what Instagram users are attracted to—beautiful beaches, bright colors, celebrities, and trendy clothes. Boohoo uses story highlights and branded hashtags to keep their subscribers informed and engaged on the hottest trends.


2.@missselfridge: 515,000 followers

A UK style and shopping inspiration blog, Miss Selfridge has thousands of millennials tuning in for inspirational looks and cool tees with a message. This brand uses Instagram stories to their advantage-- revealing behind the scenes sneak peeks and bold funny snaps.


3.@toofaced: 9.8 million followers

Too Faced is the ultimate glam makeup brand. They know how to use glamorous images to promote upcoming products that quickly sell out. Too Faced uses their own #toofaced hashtag to encourage user engagement to get featured on their page. 


4.@maccosmetics: 17.5 million followers

MAC is one of the leading cosmetic brands in the world, using their Instagram feed to show off their runway looks, glam sessions, and upcoming collaborations with the hottest celebrities.


5.@nyxcosmetics: 12.3 million followers

NYX is an affordable global brand that showcases makeup tutorials, pro tips, and beauty influencers using their products. 


6.@milkmakeup: 368,000 followers

Milk Makeup is an indie brand that isn’t afraid to be bold and break boundaries. Stunning imagery mixed with bright Instagram stories attracts thousands of customers to this hot up-and-coming brand.


7.@sephora: 13.6 million followers

Sephora is the leading beauty influencing powerhouse that uses Instagram to promote the hottest beauty brands and seasonal trends. Their stories show exclusive looks of runway shows and tips from leading beauty influencers.


8.@ultabeauty : 4.3 million followers

Ulta offers all things beauty in one place. Ulta uses Instagram stories to offer exclusive coupon codes, contests, and giveaways to continue to grow their beauty brand.


9.@rimmellondonuk: 529,000 followers

Rimmel London is another innovative Instagram page that uses their branded hashtag #LiveTheLondonLook to feauture their loyal customers using their products on their growing social medias.


10.@esteelauder: 2.3 million followers

Estee Lauder is one of the most trusted makeup lines, who are using Instagram to promote new launches, reveal behind the scene stories, and reveal trending and timeless beauty looks for everyone.


11.@nike: 75.7 million followers

Nike’s massive social media influence is prominent on their IG feed. Short video clips featuring top athletes using their products is extremely effective in attracting a global audience. Professionally produced stories attracts customers to their site to view featured products.


12.@h&m: 24.2 million followers

H&M is the leading fast-fashion brand, and are constantly updating their feed with street smart looks, newest fashion inspo, and subscriber exclusives.



24 million followers

Zara’s Instagram feed is simply stunning, using clever IG branding to show off their newest trends using multi-post images, minimalism, and bold text to really attract customers.



18 million followers

Adidas is one of the hottest brands right now, and viewers around the world are subscribed to their IG page to keep up with sneaker launch updates, celebrity fashion trends, and daily inspiration.



14.4 million followers

Another leading fast-fashion brand, Forever 21 isn’t afraid to use bold GIF’s, bright colors, and attractive imagery to entice millennials to subscribe to their affordable fashion brand.




58.5 million followers

The leading brand in all things sexy, Victoria’s Secret Instagram is full of beautiful supermodels wearing the newest lingerie, sportswear, and casual attire.



6.4 million followers

PUMA uses celebrity endorsements to their advantage, with high quality images of social media influencers wearing their brand in edgy urban settings. #ForeverFaster.



20.9 million followers

Louis Vuitton doesn’t need marketing gimmicks to promote their brand. Minimalist photo collages of fashion icons wearing this haute couture is enough to attract millions of subscribers. 



25.9 million followers

Chanel is the classic symbol of effortless style, and their reputation is clear on their Instagram page. Black and white images mixed with modern filters secures Chanel as one of the IG pages to watch.



6.7 million followers

ASOS is one of the most popular clothing brands, as it constantly innovates their marketing through their shared photos and videos. Hashtags such as #AsSeenOnMe keep subscribers clicking on their link in bio to grab the latest trends.



15.2 million followers

Kylie Cosmetics has quickly gained a cult following, using their iconic dripping lip logo on photos and IG stories. Instagram features of up-and-coming beauty bloggers influencers and product launch countdowns result in constantly selling out products.




Dior Homme offers fashion followers the best insider look of seasonal launches, featuring runway video clips and celebrity shots at the latest parties.




Everlane knows how to use stunning, professional photography to draw viewers into their brand. Their stories frequent questions and long-form stories that keep people intrigued.



8.4 million followers

Another fashion icon Fendi uses attractive and simple imagery to send a message of a highly desirable and innovative brand.




This modern luggage brand heavily features people using their products in the most beautiful cities. They are also involved in many philanthropic projects they promote, and encourage followers to get involved.



2.6 million followers

American Eagle has garnered a loyal following years before Instagram marketing began, so this brand has built a genuine social media following that features customers wearing their signature denim brand.





Furla is an Italian lifestyle brand that uses modern contemporary backgrounds and clean images to promote their elegant handbags.



2.3 million followers

A hugely popular Italian cosmetics brand, KIKO changes their color scheme regularly so you can scroll through their feed and view their products effortlessly.



7.7 million followers

The #BalmainArmy is a must follow for any fashion obsessed online influencer. Balmain uses high-end couture images that everyone can enjoy.



18.2 million followers

Dior loves to share Instagram Stories of celebrities and models wearing their clothing on an everyday basis. Videos of runway looks are both stunning and entertaining.



2.9 million followers

Guess is a fashion heavyweight who often share videos, GIFs, and boomerangs of models and behind the scenes action of shooting the iconic Guess campaigns.



7.8 million followers

Victoria’s Secret Pink is an affordable and desirable athleisure brand for women of all ages. They use girly, bright, and sparkly images and action shots to entice customers to follow.




Garnier is a drug store staple across the globe, and their IG feed showcases their timeless hair and beauty products that everyone loves.



6.3 million followers

Nobody competes with the high-end luxury of Cartier, and their IG feed exudes class and elegance. Featuring their products with bold words is a simple, yet highly effective approach to attract everyone who owns (or dreams of owning) Cartier.



5.7 million followers

Jeremy Scott, the innovator behind Moschino, knows every celebrity, and doesn’t hesitate to use his Instagram to show the coolest people schmoozing at parties and wearing Moschino’s craziest designs.



1.2 million followers

The Body Shop is real, natural, and beautiful. Their IG images is full of nature, cute animals, and fresh fruits that align with their fresh products perfectly. 



1.3 million followers

Apartment Therapy shows off stunning apartment designs, while offering top tips and lifestyle hacks that millions of us can enjoy and use daily.



2.5 million followers

Carolina Herrera focuses on timeless elegance for modern women. Their IG page looks like a custom magazine for followers to stay updated.


39. @parachutehome


Another home lifestyle page that is growing quickly, Parachute Home uses #MyParachuteHome so subscribers can showcase their Parachute Home tips in style.




3.2 million followers

Anthropologie is the feed to follow if you’re looking for the newest wave in home, health, fashion and beauty. Anthropologie has been a fan favorite for years and will likely keep expanding in followers.



3.1 million followers

elf cosmetics loves to show off their latest makeup swatches, and daily tips to create an effortless glow that everyone can keep up with.



6 million followers

Hermes stands out from the crowd by using edgy, modern designs to advertise their couture fashion designs. 



6.2 million followers

Tommy Hilfiger uses their classic colors as backgrounds that help their products really pop. Featuring the latest in models and celebs also draws in a big crowd of subscribers.



5.3 million followers

Primark knows how to brand using color schemes that inspire the masses. Their branded hashtag #Primania is highly popular and often used by fans.



3.1 million followers

Follow America’s first fashion magazine’s IG page for the online version of the timeless magazine.



7.7 million followers

Urban Outfitters is where all the cool kids shop for the hottest labels that make you stand out. You won’t want to miss out on this IG page.



6.2 million followers

Maybelline is a popular and affordable makeup brand that continue to grow thanks to a loyal global audience. Their IG page showcases classic images of makeup swatches and seasonal looks anyone can emulate.



1.4 million followers

Revlon is a well-known makeup brand that knows how to use IG stories, hashtags, and tagged influencers to grow their brand and create an attractive feed.



4.4 million followers

Loreal features simple images and professionally tailored videos, which are perfect for mobile browsers of the top makeup products.



3.1 million followers

Elle is another leading fashion magazine that has moved online, offering snippets of latest photoshoots and interviews that influences followers to follow their website to read more.



10.9 million followers

If you are interested in luxury accessories, you will want to follow Michael Kor’s page for chic photos and celeb shoutouts.



3.6 million followers

YSL offers luxury makeup, and a luxury IG feed to back it up. Beautiful and bold images do all the talking, so minimal text is used to make a statement.



10.5 million followers

It’s everyone’s dream to own a pair of Louboutin’s. Their IG page will offer enough envy and inspiration for you to save up for a pair for yourself.



5.5 million followers

A luxury Paris brand, Chloe often shares behind the scenes vibes and the hottest opinions in fashion.




9.3 million followers

Urban Decay is the ultimate trendy makeup brand, with unparalleled packing and unique colors that attract makeup lovers everywhere.



11.1 million followers

Versace’s page is so cool, it’s no surprise over 11 million people are following. Their profile Love. Want. Need. Will leave you needing more.



5 million followers

Nars is famous for their stylistic and classic black packaging. Their IG page is easy on the eyes and offers the products consumers already want, so why not follow and stay on trend?



9.2 million followers

Men and women love Topshop, which explains why their IG page is so popular. Follow this page for effortlessly cool street style.



3 million followers

Swarovski’s page is just as sparkly as their diamonds, and showcases stunning cuts for every jewelry shopper.



million followers

The NYC classic Saks Fifth Avenue has been a fashion leader for decades, with millions of social media users following #SaksStyle to see what savvy shoppers are wearing. 



5.1 million followers

Hailing from Rome, BVLGARI is the go to Instagram page for modern contemporary jewels.



9.5 million followers

Givenchy’s timeless pieces are the star of this brand’s IG page, attracting millions of followers who want to stay on trend.



7.9 million followers

Tiffany & Co is the world’s most famous jeweler, and their signature blue color is prominent across their Instagram feed. Follow Tiffany’s to see their latest in modern classic pieces.



3.8 million followers

Smashbox studios IG is full of glam portraits and star-studded faces that help you live your best red-carpet life.



2.3 million followers

Becca cosmetics is where you want to be if you want the hottest products to glow up your skin and your life. 



2.3 million followers

Lancome Official is the IG page for all things glam and gorgeous, with attractive glossy images of fresh faces and fresh products.



1.6 million followers

West Elm has all the home and lifestyle inspiration you need to revamp your home, and followers can share their style tips through #mywestelm.



15.9 million followers

Starbucks Instagram is the first place to find all the latest in seasonal drinks, fresh food, and great conversation.



1.4 million followers

The #AldoCrew shows off the latest and greatest in fashion footwear, so you can always stay on top of the next shoes to buy and how to wear them.



1.8 million followers

Steve Madden has always been an innovator in high-heeled footwear fashion. Today, their image reigns superior with themed IG posts that really tell a story about fashion forward thinking.



1 million followers

Banana Republic is the page you should follow for chic, elegant, and classy fashion.



2.7 million followers

Nordstrom loves to feature behind the scenes photo shoots and glam tips featuring cool models and the latest designs that intrigue readers and send them to the website to view more.



1.8 million followers

Timberland wearers have created a cool culture of trendsetting streetwear, and you can follow their page to see the latest in durable streetwear.



1.1 million followers

Macys has the perfect blend of a fashion feed that suits all ages, styles, and lifestyles. Common IG stories gives the insider scoop on fashion events.




Harrys is where the modern man goes to look for the top selling razors, so you can shave in style.



1.9 million followers

J Crew knows how to use IG story features to categorize their newest clothing and shoes so you can shop easily.




Claires loves to use bright text, backgrounds, and moving images to catch your eye and remind you why Claires is always the best place to go for fast, affordable, and updating accessories.



3.4 million followers

If you want to see a brand showing real people wearing clothes the right way, Lacoste has the fashionable and functional line that is prominently displayed in their stories.




Missoni IG stories display the newest fashions, often before they hit the runway, matched with commentary from fashion influencers and the top designers.




Warby Parker features the latest styles in upcoming frames so you can perfect your sight while staying ahead of the curve.




Casper offers the coolest mattresses you can find, matched with the coziest pictures that will make you want to subscribe (and take a nap). 




Nine West has created timeless shoes for decades, and their IG feed shows their latest designs in elegant photos.



1.7 million followers

DKNY’s IG page has the classic black and white vibe with cool modern trends that has millions of people following.



1.6 million followers

White backgrounds and fresh swatches, Clinique has an attractive IG feed for natural beauty lovers.




If you love cozy comfortable living, loft has the essential fashion items, and you can show them off using #loveloft.



6.9 million followers

Marc Jacobs is a fan, celebrity and fashion favorite. This feed offers makeup, fashion, bright colors, and the boldest runway looks to keep you shining. 



15.6 million followers

At Dolce & Gabbana’s Instagram, you will be the first to see the latest in haute couture, and how all the celebs are wearing the latest designs.



20.6 million followers

Gucci loves to use IG stories to share patterns, landscapes, and materials that give them fashion inspiration. Not to mention, Gucci’s page is full of celebs and edgy photos that are guaranteed to keep you entertained.



14.4 million followers

Prada also showcases the latest in design trends and the latest seasonal designs for fashion followers.



10.7 million followers

Burberry cleverly uses Instagram for photo series, catalogues, and interviews, so you can see the faces behind the legendary brand.



9.6 million followers

Valentino frequently uses stories to share the everyday behind the scenes life, so viewers feel a personal connection and interest in the modern fashion brand.



1.5 million followers

Billabong shares the coolest vides and images of surfers, skateboarders, and snowboarders using this brand’s outdoor gear in style.



85 million followers

Everyone needs to follow NatGeo for incredible wildlife and cultural shots from leading international artists and photographers.



50.2 million followers

Ellen always uses IG stories to share snippets of her most recent interviews, jokes, and news. You can swipe up to catch up on the latest gossip.




Leesa Sleep has the ultimate sleeping comfort essentials, and often features giveaways from their stories so you can get a great deal on a new bed.




Burrow knows how to use Instagram marketing to show off their luxury couch, which has everybody wanting one.




Lullbed is another mattress company that connects with audiences by showing everyday families enjoying modern, luxury mattresses.




Mattresses and cute dogs are the perfect match—which is why everyone keeps returning to Casper to find the latest in bed trends.



2.2 million followers

Who doesn’t want to keep up with the latest in celeb and pop culture gossip? There’s no better place to find it than USWeekly. 



56.9 million followers

Millions follow this comedian for good laughs and daily fitness inspiration, plus celeb friend shoutouts now and again.