It’s harder than ever to capture customer attention across so many channels and screens. It’s more important than ever to find new channels with high engagement and share rate along with a low cost of acquisition. Stories make it to the top of the list for a new channel in 2018.


This article covers the current state of Stories marketing, highlighting what digital marketers know about Stories.


Current Trends:

  • Stories is taking social media by storm. There are already 400+ million active story users on Instagram with a monthly growth rate of 45%. More millennials and gen Z’s are enjoying consuming Stories than ever and it is the fast growing format of all time.
  • Stories presents itself as another way to tap into people’s passions and inspire them to take action.
  • Brand adoption with stories is increasing, more than 50% of business accounts that created stories in the last month.
  • Companies like Mashable are hiring external agencies (Reels) to create stories for their brand and add to their website.
  • With 60% of stories viewed with sound-on, content should have supporting sound that sounds and is as relevant as it looks.
  • We know that increase in video marketing is keeping audience engaged.
  • Google will be incorporating Stories into Search and using their Stories SEO algorithms to surface the most engaging and relevant content at the top.
  • With Google AMP Stories, websites can now monetize via the Stories format and take users from Social Stories to on-website Stories. This is a completely new channel and way for websites to monetize that is far more engaging than existing display ads.
  • Brands are seeking new ways to take their existing content and create relevant stories while keeping the length of each card to under 10s.
  • With Stories, brands are turning into media companies, to express themselves as a Story while adding entertaining and engaging content. Engagement is the #1 way to measure ROI from social media advertising since out of 1000 consumers, nearly half made a purchase in the last 60 days thanks to a brand's Instagram video
  • Stories is starting to rank as the #1 consumer's favorite type of social media content
  • Millennials are still a very relevant target market, however, 85% of Gen Z’s are using social media and are becoming an even bigger target for marketers than millennials.

Brands need to start thinking about how they can tell their story in six seconds with original content. Focus on marketing with a message, 40% of consumers today find it important for brands to take a stand on current political and societal issues. It’s a challenge for brands to sell their content across so many channels and screens so it’s becoming more important than ever to find channels that have a low of acquisition and can scale.

We’re going to see a lot more digital marketers leverage Stories in their strategy in 2019, especially as entrants like Google index the content and give more reason for brands to create this type of content and get to top of Search.